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Join the Tellus Team


Tellus is a family owned coffee shop opening in the heart of Downtown Walnut Creek. We roast all our beans both for use and sale in-house on our small-batch roaster, allowing for a massive range of both training for employees and options for our customers. Our menu will also feature a full range of wine, beer, and liquor/cocktail options once in-store dining is safe again. Our goal is to provide a calm, peaceful space in which to enjoy whatever food and drink you’re in the mood for, with an atmosphere that provides the option for focus or relaxation; especially as office work culture starts to shift toward more flexibility of working remotely. We want our customers to be able to slow down and take a deep breath when they walk in our store, and are looking to build a staff culture that allows employees to feel similarly comfortable and at ease while at work.

We are looking for employees who enjoy the ritual and grounding of coffee preparations, as well as the complexities of the coffee bean growing and roasting process. People and customer oriented, we want you to care about each individual you interact with in a way that leaves them feeling calmer and more grounded in the moment. Being able to remain attuned to the small details of drink prep while maintaining a balance of flow and non-rushed service is what we are aiming for. We want our customers to know that every order is prepared carefully, so when they walk in they know Tellus is not a grab and go/fast service oriented shop.

Open Positions

Please send resumes to



  • 18+

  • Flexible availability


  • POS, order taking

  • Daily operation of our roast to brew set-up, including-

  • Assisting in Bellwether operation

  • Espresso machine

  • Pour over

  • Hot/cold batch brews

  • Food/alcohol prep+service

  • Knowledge of full range of available items on/off menu for food and drinks

  • Closing

Role description:

As a Barista your main role will be to take orders from customers, as well as assisting the Lead Barista in organizing/calling orders. This position will be trained to make drinks, prep and serve food and alcohol as well as basic operations of all equipment.

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