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The Tellus Team

Our Team

We’re excited to introduce you to Maddie and AnnMarie, two of the team members working to put all the finishing touches on our roasts, menu, and the shop itself!


Maddie has been working in the food industry for 10 years, starting with a pizza shop in high school to a craft beer & wine café most recently. Food, drinks and the wonderful ritual of preparing them to be shared with others, has always held a special place for her having grown up in a big family. Of all the different kinds of food, locations and people she's been able to work with and learn from, none stands out to her quite like working in a café. “There’s a joy in being able to welcome customers into a space that has both comfort and community woven together in it; it can be a place to focus, to let your mind wander, to create and dream, to work or to relax. And there’s always a sense of togetherness, of being with and a part of a community brought together by good food and drink. There’s nothing quite like it.”


AnnMarie has been in the coffee business for around 12 years now. Her love of coffee began at an early age, by taking that first sip of a Swedish brew her grandmother crafted every morning. AnnMarie decided to explore this passion as a career, first throughout the Bay Area, then internationally. AnnMarie’s love of travel and learning allowed her to experience coffee in a multitude of ways. “Every place I’ve traveled to, I take the time to try coffee from various countries and regions, blends and single origins, as well as participate in cuppings and tasting events. Each country has their own unique way of creating coffee and I love learning all about it... I love the connections a café creates, that cozy and fun atmosphere that brings people together in the most wonderful of ways.”

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